Leaning In with Scholarship, Fellowship and Mentorship

Mentors and scholarships often pave the way to successful careers for students. With that in mind, Walton College’s Supply Chain Management Research Center set out to provide opportunities for female business students to interact with professional women leaders.

Working with Women Impacting Supply Excellence (WISE), the outreach center partnered with C200, an organization of successful women entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, to host the Leaning In: Diversity in Business Leadership conference on October 9 at the Donald W. Reynolds Center on the University of Arkansas campus.

This partnership generated several scholarships from C200 for both undergraduate and graduate business students. More than 100 students competed for scholarships, but only six students could win.

Scholarship Awards Video

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The C200 has been providing scholarships to MBA candidates for 15 years. This is the first time the organization has awarded scholarships to undergraduates as well.

The three undergraduate scholarship recipients were Rachael Booyer, Chelsea Riley and Jasmin Leon, who were each awarded $5,000 for their academic pursuits.

“The fact I have had the opportunity to receive this scholarship is monumental to me,” said Booyer. “Thank you very much.”

Three graduate students received $10,000 each for their academic or entrepreneur pursuits and may participate in a scholar network of some 80 women around the world. Those graduate scholarship recipients were Cassie Boyer, Adrianne Cristofoli and Kelli Snell.

award recipients
MBA candidates receiving scholarships are joined by (far left) Sue Burnett, president, Burnett Staffing Specialists, and (far right) Rochelle Bartholomew, chief executive officer and president, CalArk. The scholarship recipients are (left to right) Cassie Boyer, Adrianne Cristofoli and Kelli Snell.

“Just being part of this scholar network is invaluable,” said Snell. “I am so looking forward to b e involved in that and get to share my experiences and grow in my career with the support and mentorship of you.”

Keynote speakers include Gay Gaddis, CEO and founder of T3 (The Think Tank), and Becky Halstead, retired Brigadier General, U.S. Army.