Mixing Business with Technology: The IT Executive Forum

On Thursday, Oct. 2, more than 300 high school and college students attended the IT Executive Forum, hosted by the Information Technology Research Institute at the Sam M. Walton College of Business. After introducing each group of students and their teachers, young people eagerly asked these technology executives how to prepare for the future.


“What classes should I take?” “Should I become certified in general office software?” Each panelist took time to explain the types of jobs available in the information technology field and the skill set needed to attain those jobs.

In addition to the question and answer session, each student was given a raffle ticket for an opportunity to win door prizes such as iPads, printers, laptops and TVs.

Information Systems Student Reception

Following the Executive Forum, Walton College Information Systems students were given the opportunity to visit with the technology executives. The reception provided opportunities for one-on-one conversations between students and industry professionals, so students could ask specific questions that they may not have had the opportunity to ask in the larger venue. It also provided students an opportunity to get to know more about potential employers.