“When I was younger, I dreamed of being CEO of a large corporation. Now that I am currently in my career, I cannot specifically pinpoint a “dream job” but what I do know is that my dream job is one that will fulfill me, excite me, push me, and allow me to make a large impact.”

Brittany fell in love with the culture and people at Kraft during a summer internship just before her senior year of college. She was accepted into the Management Development Program following her internship, and she spent her senior year anxiously awaiting the opportunity to start her career with Kraft. She gives credit to the company stating,

“I am the professional and business woman that I am because of my company’s investment in me.”

Brittany_Simmons_ExecMBA_profile_groupToday, Brittany works full-time as a customer category manager at Kraft Foods, strategically planning with internal sales teams and external customers to innovate and grow sales, while concurrently pursuing her Executive MBA degree. She is the first to admit the balance between the two has been one of the toughest life challenges she has faced, but one she has met gracefully.

“To have the natural inclination to want to give my absolute all and best to everything that I dedicate myself to necessitates a balance that keeps me sane as an individual and focused as a professional and student. I strategically plan my study schedule to fit around my needs, which means adjusting for work travel or rigorous work projects and ensuring that I am still able to get to the gym a few days after work or have a reconnect dinner with a friend.”

Brittany, a New Orleans native, is highly motivated to excel in all aspects of her life, especially her academic and professional careers.

Her decision to pursue her Executive MBA degree at the Walton College was fueled by her desire to gain knowledge relevant to her work and to grow professionally. She searched for a business school that would complement her goals and provide a solid academic foundation to her established experience.

Brittany_Simmons_ExecMBA_profile_1“As I progressed further into my career, I knew that it was time to partner my professional brand with a reputable business school whose curriculum would take me to the next level professionally. Ultimately, I chose the Walton EMBA program because it met the criteria of affordability, industry relevance, and it embodies an increasingly strong reputation that I knew would grow my professional brand. Additionally, from the moment that I met the administration at the Walton College, I knew immediately that I would be supported and would be more than just another student.”

How critical is an MBA to moving her career forward?

“The Walton Executive MBA program has provided me with conceptual knowledge that has been immediately pertinent to my career and has given me the ability to think more strategically and truly have a seat at the table.”

Her advice for prospective students:

Apply now! This program has been so rewarding and it has only just begun. I will not say that it is easy to balance working full time and pursuing your masters, but I will say that it is worth it.”