One place you might find Mitch Heisserer is snowboarding in the Colorado mountains. He is adventurous and always up for a challenge, including the pursuit of a graduate degree.

“You have to find a program that will work for you.”

Mitch researched many different options before finding the program that was right for him.

Mitch HeissererMitch chose to earn his degree at the Walton College instead of Colorado, although he would miss out on a lot of snowboarding, because the business analytics program met the criteria he was looking for in a graduate program.

“It was a perfect fit for my goals and career direction. I wanted a program that was part-time and the format was very good for a working professional. This program was also ahead of the curve on data analytics, so that was a big bonus for me.”

Mitch is a logistics engineer at J.B. Hunt. His group works with the company’s rail partners to grow and sustain their intermodal business. He also prepares forecasts and is responsible for budgeting the company’s rail spend expense. To be successful in both his professional and academic career he must stay focused and manage his time wisely. “I budget my time through the week by focusing on the readings and other course materials early on in the week. I then try to have my work done by the weekend so I can have that time for my personal life.”

“I tell myself that it’s a temporary sacrifice for something that is permanent.”

Mitch says the short-term sacrifice is already paying off.

“I have gained an immense knowledge of big data concepts and how I can apply them to my current position. Not only do I look at data differently but I understand the importance of why and how the data is structured. It has completely changed how I approach forecasting and analysis techniques.”