“I have learned to look at problems and opportunities holistically, using a range of analytical frameworks and tools. The Walton MBA has provided me with a sophisticated lens to look at and makes sense of business issues.”

Thato was born in Gaborone, Botswana; however, he attended a boarding school in South Africa for five years. His interest in community outreach and global affairs fueled his desire to work with both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Thato_Masire_MBA_profile“My interest in global affairs was enhanced after studying abroad in Norway. I was selected to be a Peace Scholar by the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Through the Peace Scholars program, I was able to engage my interest at a deeper level academically and practically.”

Prior to graduate school, he worked in Washington, D.C., as a project assistant for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs supporting the Southern & East African teams. Thato also gained valuable experience when he worked for Safdico, South African Diamond Corporation, in Botswana. In his position as a project coordinator, he spearheaded various initiatives in the executive office such as developing a comprehensive handbook for clients and producing various communication templates.

Thato is passionate about his future and he has invested time into his academic career to help propel his future success.

“My dream job is one that leverages my skills and capabilities, while still providing me with an opportunity to develop further. My dream job should be enriching, challenging and give me a purpose.”

Thato is a 2015 graduate of the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service and the Walton MBA program. He specifically chose the Walton College because of its flexibility and adaptability to work with his MPS degree.

“The Walton MBA program allows for a concurrent degree with the Clinton School and it is the premier MBA program in the state of Arkansas.”

He says the classes he has taken have provided him with the resources he needs to succeed.

“Both programs have provided me with an opportunity to further develop transferable skills, namely in communications, critical thinking and problem-solving, which I use every day in my career.”

He mentions one course specifically, Strategic Management. He finds the blending of theory and real world examples intriguing. This makes for a fun learning environment.

“I have developed a deep appreciation of the pivotal role strategy plays in business. Additionally, I have found strategicmanagement to be very interesting as every day on the news there is a strategy-related story that I can tie back to class theory/discussions.”

By continually challenging yourself and expanding your comfort zone, Thato says, “You’ll profit immensely.”