Expert Panel Offers Advice to New Interns

Full-time M.B.A. students successfully completed Internship Interview Week – a Walton MBA sponsored program that helps students secure internships in Northwest Arkansas.

Internships have positive effects on student success post-graduation. The MBA program encourages students to apply what they learn in the classroom to their internships, creating a safe-space for real-world learning and an opportunity for students to gain experience and build confidence.

For several students, internships through the Walton MBA program will be their first experience in their desired career-field. Successful internships often become full-time offers in career-building industries, such as Walmart, Nielsen, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Walton Enterprises and more. The M.B.A. programs and Sam M. Walton College of Business help ensure students are fully prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them during their internships.

2019 Intern Insights Panel:

  • Alicia Fultz, Category Manager at Bush Brothers
  • Rodger Hurt, Associate Client Manager at Nielsen (2018 Walton MBA alum)
  • Zak Lowe, Field Sales Director at Land O’Lakes (2003 Walton MBA alum)
  • Clinton Rhodes, Client Manager at Nielsen (2016 Walton MBA alum)

To aid students through their internships, the M.B.A. programs asked the panel to offer advice to our full-time students. Topics ranged from implementing good habits early in your career, behaviors to avoid, how to stand out during interviews, recommended first steps and common etiquette mistakes. Panel members emphasized how interviewers and new employers want their interns to succeed and encouraged students to have a desire to do well and to ask questions.

Watch the video below to gain insights on what interviewers and potential employers seek in new interns. few changes can secure better internships and open more doors to long-term professional opportunities.