Andrew Miles: EMBA Class of 2017

Andrew Miles enjoys exploring new ideas and experiences. From wanting to pursue novel business opportunities, to joining the Army reserves, to envisioning a future that includes extensive travel, he is always up for a challenge.

When he is not working at his full-time job or doing coursework, he trains for his hobby, adventure racing. These races take place around the country in both wilderness and urban environments, and involve multiple activities, such as biking, canoeing, and running.

Originally from the Dallas area, Andrew moved to Fayetteville to pursue his undergraduate degree in Political Science. While in Fayetteville, he joined the military as an Army Reserve member and completed military training.

After completing his degree he went to work for the Green Cab Company, a local company founded four years ago. Andrew currently serves as Green Cab’s Operations Manager.

He enjoys that the company culture has maintained a start-up feel even as they’ve become more established. “I love being able to accomplish operating tasks and spend my time developing new optimization ideas for the company to evolve and continue to prosper.”

Not only does the start-up aspect of the company appeal to Andrew’s entrepreneurial side, but the eco-friendly nature of the business model is a perfect fit for Andrew’s interests as well. The organization’s business model focuses on providing clean energy transportation though the use of hybrid vehicles and sustainable business practices.

Andrew’s dream job is to continue working in a similar field or even create his own opportunities. “I want to build and run a multinational sustainable energy conglomerate.”

Enrolling in graduate school was the logical next step for Andrew. The business side of clean energy initiatives is especially appealing to him. He has always been interested in business and frequently picks up related texts on his own to explore ideas and enhance his understanding of the field.

Andrew chose the Walton Executive MBA program (EMBA) because it allowed him to further his education while continuing to work full-time.

I chose the EMBA program for the structure to compliment my work-life balance. I loved my time as a full-time undergrad more than anything, but now that I am a productive adult (with adult bills), I could never see myself dropping my employment and living off student loans again. The Walton EMBA is beautifully structured and the week-to-week online layout lets me pace the workload around my schedule.

The Walton EMBA program is a part-time program that meets in-person one Saturday a month. This face-to-face classroom setting is combined with online coursework to allow the flexibility required by students’ work responsibilities.

Andrew appreciates the opportunity to network with other students in the program. He also sees a clear link between what he’s learning in the program and the skills needed for his current job and future goals.

I am figuring out new perspectives of looking at the same circumstances that are broadening my abilities to tackle everyday business problems.