Walton College Launches ‘Walton Biz Talk’ Podcast

Interested in business communication? Entrepreneurship? Professionalization? Innovation? Have you ever wondered how to balance your career and passions? Do you ever ask yourself, what should I be doing in college and how will this knowledge transfer into the professional world?

You should check out Walton Biz Talk on iTunes and Google Play starting Aug. 21. Listen as members of the Business Communication Lab have casual conversations about professional things with students, faculty, alumni and professionals. Featured guests on the show share their experiences, offer advice, and discuss the many paths that lead them to their passions.

Walton Biz Talk is a collaborative effort to demystify the professionalization process and is hosted by the Business Communication Lab’s head tutor Allison Banks, tutor coordinator Jessi Schnebelen, and the director Ryan Sheets. The 11 episodes will range from 20-30 minutes and will air every other week throughout the semester.

If you have questions, comments, or if you are interested in being featured in an episode, come see the Business Communication Lab in WCOB 118.